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    New Botting Platform?

    Hi guys

    For my last year in university I have been using a program called matlab alot, mostly for image processing for cameras etc. But i was sitting in bed wondering if this could be used for bot creation... so i started testing.

    It turns out there are fuctions allreay written for matlab to control mouse movement and to facilitate screen capture so bot creation may not be that far away.

    The one massive bonus that matlab may have over other current systems used for botting, is matlab can be used to analyse video directly. Meaning if say you were creating a bnav bot and needed to get an image of the whole map simply scrolling over it would be enough. ie you wouldn't have to scroll to a point take a screen shot and repeat untill complete.

    This is all in it's very early stages but the ease of using matlab i think may help, however there are drawbacks.

    Matlab costs alot (if you want to pay), and also there are every few ways to make the code standalone. (there are currently some programs that claim to convert matlab to C but i have not used them nor do think they would work for this). It also runs a little cpu heavy.

    But if you do have matlab sharing scripts becomes as easy as transfering a mere kb's size of code.

    I was just wanting to see if anyone would like to join me on this endevor, I have created bots before using c++ and color detection but i wanted to try somthing different.

    Thanks for reading and would love to hear some responses/ideas for what kind of bot to develop


    EDIT: forgot to mention matlab excels in image processing which may help in bot creation also.
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    The only thing I would use matlab for, is to create songs.

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    Some thoughts on your advantages:

    1) As it stands, I don't think image detection is the hard part of making a good bot. I also think you're over complicating things when you say you'd need a video feed to make a practical bnav bot.

    2) I don't know how you have been coding bots but I don't think I've ever seen a single source file that was more than maybe 20kb. Even an entire VS project would build up to maybe 60MB with all the debug objects. In this day and age, that's not really a problem.

    3) If there is indeed more CPU overhead for running things in Matlab, then I would stick to regular languages. Why go through the trouble of learning Matlab intricacies when it just slows you down during runtime?

    Some things I think are important to consider:

    How simple is it to create complex custom data structures?
    How does Matlab handle threading?
    How does Matlab interact with the OS?

    I don't have much experience in Matlab so I don't know how easy it is to create custom data structures in it, but the nice thing about C++ and Java is you have a decent amount of control over how you handle and implement things, including image detection. Additionally, most languages give a nice set up for getting window handles from the OS, I'm not sure how simple that is in Matlab. Taking a screenshot of the Desktop and then finding the window through that image via image detection spells trouble in a lot of situations.

    TL;DR: probably not worth going through the trouble to use Matlab for bot development.

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    Hi savage

    Thanks for the response.

    I would agree with pretty much everything you are saying, I have spent close to 10 hours on the project now which is not alot but I can allready see some problems that may not be unavoidable.

    However one great thing about matlab is it does manage data extreemly well, and supports huge amounts of data types. For example, at the moment my program doesn't actually ever store any kind of bitmap, when it takes a screen shot it stores all of the pixle data in a matrix which is the size of your screen, with each RGB being stored on a different layer of the smae matrix.

    It basically allows for some really quick understanding of how image itentification is used. But it is like you say uneeded as other programs do this fine allready. Also like you mentioned there is no way in matlab to get window handles. My way round this at the moment is crude and doesn't work very well.

    My primary idea for any bot that came out of the would have been a sailing bot, i tried ot devolop one before but could never get the timing of the peices to flip/place good enough. I eventually put this down to the limitations of the detection and gave up. I still think matlab could be used to fix this problem however.

    The trouble is matlab was never supposed to be used for this sort of thing and so it's not working out very well. Also I only really did it as a change to how i have coded in the past and for my love of matlab

    So like you said probably not worth.

    However if anyone would like to help me/takeover I can give you all my source and research just ask.

    Thanks Woody, also thread can be closed

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