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Thread: Flaming balls?

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    Flaming balls?

    So I just have a few questions about the bot:

    1. Does it work still?
    2. Is it reliable?
    3. When is says user input required, what exactly does that mean?

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    1. Yes it does

    2. That's up to you, you need to be able to distinguish bad boards from good boards.. ie dismiss when you see it could loop.. The only problem i got with this bot is the fact that when a piece is about to be filled but it gets booted by another piece then it wont load (for example when you're about to fill the rag part and it gets bumped by another piece then it'll try to load a cannonball and not a rag again... that wasnt very clear )

    3. refer to 2.

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    yeah, its a pain when things go wrong :P gotta start it only when u see a good board.

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