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    Blacksmith Inferno HELP!!!

    Blacksmith has gotten me some incredible's. I used it 4 times last week and 3/4 were incredible, 4th one was excellent. I tried using it today, and the manual mode only works for like 5 presses, and the automatic mode takes like 5 minutes to figure out the puzzle, and then glitches and stops working half way through the first layer. I have no idea what to do, and it's really bothering me. can anyone give me any tips on what to do or how to fix it? All my other bots run perfectly. i tried restarting supply crate, restarting inferno blacksmith, give it as much time as it needs, it just hasn't been working and I'm trying to rank it up.

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    So why has this post been ignored? I have also had this problem for a while.

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    Make sure your mouse doesn't move? works fine for me since it came out

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    I don't move my mouse at all if it's on auto mode, it constantly bugs out. Is there something wrong in the way I'm using it?

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    The most common problem is that people move their mouse.

    If it should stop working , you can simply restart the bot. The manual mode requires some precise clicks but that shouldn't be a problem either.

    I personally achieved Ultimate (like many other people) with said bot and I think its awesome.

    The time it takes to find a solution depends on the strength of your processor.

    And from experience I can tell: It's not the bot, its the user. And I often don't have to fix a bot, I have to fix a computer...
    Who do you think you are?

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    never had an issue with it, got ultimate

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