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    Bilge Bot Source Code

    Is anyone interested in a Bilge Bot source code?

    It's written completely in Java, but very minimally uses JNA to get the Puzzle Pirates window.

    I wrote it all myself, but I don't want to have to deal with selling it to people. It's a standard bilge bot with depth-searching and an automatic and manual mode. It achieves consistently Excellent, and more rarely Incredible and Good. I don't know what rank it can get you as I haven't run it long enough and keep booching while I'm trying to test specific parts of it, but as of right now I'm Grand-Master. It most likely can reach Legendary, but I'd have to run it longer to guarantee.

    If anyone is interested in buying this, let me know either through PM or replying here. I can record a video of it working, but I just don't want to if it will be a waste of time . I'm definitely not looking for a lot, so throw me an offer.

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    I will offer
    Zero dollah
    are u accept?

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