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    im having trouble with java bots

    my 2 rigging bots seem to be saying java needs update and one of them wont even start i have tried uninstalling and installing its getting on my nervs i would much appreciate the help thanks

    also my bots are moving slower then what they use too. like when i put on 4 moves for bilge

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    4 moves is using a more advanced calculator, the calculator is faster if your computer is fast. My comp is worth 2k dollars and still the 4 move is slow. The aelous rigging bot send the messeage that it needs an java update, press X and wait 2-3 seconds and it will probs pop up.

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    "4 moves" depth will always be slow.

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    I fixed his Rigging problem and told him the same
    Who do you think you are?

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