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    Manual Mode Problems (ALL BOTS)

    This annoys me lol... why is it Automatic mode bots work so well, yet the manual mode in the bots... barely even get to the normal bright yellow (before sparkly) they always change the option to use too when you start to click. (RIGGING: has a set 2 circles, you start dragging, but DONT finish and then it changes where the circles are. I dont want to Auto mode aethyr but its only way to Ultimate, because manual sucks.

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    Maybe your computer is too slow for them to calculate ahead?

    Also - of course when pieces break the board and best move is going to change, dont be too impatient.
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    Actually i think you wait to long between moving the pieces. Because when i wait like 2 or 3 seconds to move the piece it does that to me every time. It seems like reading where the pieces are at that moment and thinking there is a better move than what it said earlier.

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