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    Issues with the bots


    Started having a few issues with some bots.

    1. Patching bot - Spools of Silk starts ok, then either stops after 5/10 mins and won't run even if it's running and seems to get a red line rather than it normally getting gold/sparkly than it used to.

    2. Bilge bot - Poseiden seems to work for 10/15 mins v well, then just stop and I have to exit, press stop & start again.

    3. Gunning - flaming balls; ctrl+R to re-station doesn't seem to always work, not very often at least, when I get on a gun it doesn't automatically place the arrows and so I have to press start, and when I do that it always placed one arrow in the wrong direction until I press start again to replace all the arrows; which is hurting my score.

    From what I've seen, the rest (tested rigging, shipwrightery and DiS) seem to work fine.

    Any ideas? They usually worked very well up until now.

    Thanks for the help (and sorry for being such a trouble!)

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    What causes them to stop or might be the cause?

    Do you switch windows, do you do things in the background, is your computer performance good enough? (If you are running more than the bot; f.e other bots or games).

    Also, do these errors occur frequently? If so, since when? Did you change anything what might've caused these issues [f.e did they work flawlessly earlier]?

    Under which circumstances are these errors more likely to happen?

    Please give detailed info so we can troubleshoot and detect the problem easier


    PS: No need to apologize, feel free to ask whenever you want!
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    Yeah with Poseidon, just click a combo on the board and it continues as normal. No idea why it stops though

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