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    Virtual Machines with Trident or Poseidon bilge bots.

    Okay, so here is the spill.
    I can run all the bots on my virtual machines except for Poseidon and Trident..Without them even being started they will cause the internet connection to be disconnected to the Puzzle Pirates server.

    Any Ideas?

    I use:
    -Virtual Box
    -Windows 7 32bit
    -1GB RAM per VM
    -1GB internet connection
    -100mb video GPU
    -1 individual phyical processor
    -I use the bridged network between all guests from main host

    I can run about 30 VM's without any issues on my network and PC, all the bots work except for Trident and Poseidon..they both cause internet connection issues.??

    Ideas, suggestions, anything?!

    Figured out it was the bilge bot throwing the connection because of how much CPU it eats.. Needed to increase the execution rate to 100%.
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