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Thread: Rigging bots

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    Rigging bots

    I've been finding every time i use one of the rig bots in a VM, my alt gets banned for botting, not sure if its a coincidence or not, and im scared to use a rig bot on my main(other then manual) has anyone been using the rig bots without getting banned? Ive noticed it with both, i can bilge patch carp sf all of the above but once i rig i get caught :s

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    I've used Aeolus for awhile on my main and have yet to get banned. However, I do not use a VM.
    Yes, I am notthe OM.

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    I don't use a VM and have been using Aethyr (in auto mode).
    However, I saw a post last night that was going on about the fact that the mouse movement is too slow, so it is pretty easy to detect, so I've been avoiding using auto since..

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    I always use manual anyway, just get the feeling like any of the auto bots can be detected (why I've also put off when considering Patching bot + Gunning bot)

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