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    Is there a SF stalling bot?

    I remember quite a few being around, but what i found was all from like 2 years ago, so im wondering if theres any left safe to use, obviously theres Dreaming in sprinkles, but is there anything freE?

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    I wouldn't trust that they're safe to use ban-wise. They very well could be safe, but they very well could be unsafe.

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    The one 2 years ago wasn't even a stalling bot, it was just a reversed speed hack. It wasn't even safe, people got banned regardless. I don't think there are any safe ones, let alone, ones that even function anymore. To my knowledge, everything (or most everything) got patched up. The only "free" cheats you could get for SF are easily banned. So the only time I'd try it is it you're already a mega-evader and there's a 5m/colored fam tourny or something. Otherwise, not worth.

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