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    Argos Infero Spools of silk

    has anyone been banned using auto for these seeing that it says theres a chance makes me a bit cautious so id like to know before i use auto

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    I use Argos auto on my main and 12 alts, never had a problem with it
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    Nah, used em' all for many hours straight(No, I wasn't afk, I was babysitting it), but only get banned for ban evading x) I can't resist /w'ing my friends and checking out where they at, oh well..

    OT: They are good bots, with hardly any/no banrates, just babysit it and youre good.

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    All bots are bannable if you don't act human at least. Your chances of being banned are greatly decreased if you actually sit there with the bot working so you can respond when something changes or happens. Leaving a bot by itself for hours on end will most likely get you banned as its not humanlike. These bots arn't detected if thats what your asking.

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