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Thread: Looking to buy pvp sf!!!

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    Cool Looking to buy pvp sf!!!

    looking to buy pvp sf bot!!! skype:ep1c_dark

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    We do have Dreaming in Sprinkles.

    If I recall correctly there aren't any other (legit) Swordfight Bots out there.

    Just be careful if people say they do.
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    Just hire a good coder, pay him good enough, and make him make you a bot, ie. if you have the means.

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    i have Dreaming in Sprinkles. but is not good for pvp...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jérémy Papin View Post
    looking to buy pvp sf bot!!! skype:ep1c_dark
    The only sf bot available on the market is Dreaming in Sprinkles. However, it was designed for the sole intention of pillys/smh/etc, so it isn't meant to beat "high rated" players. People used to run a speed hack with it, and it was essentially unbeatable. But to my knowledge, the speedhack was patched and/or is super bannable (easily tracked). There is one SF bot that is capable of PvP, and it's actually insanely good, but only one person has access to it and has absolutely no intentions of selling it. So unless you're looking to spend $1k+ on a private SF bot (assuming you can find a coder capable of creating one good enough), you're better off learning the puzzle yourself, or not bothering with it at all. Plus, with how the market is, it wouldn't even be worth $1k to spend probably, seeing as the only way you'd make that cash back is selling poe you win from wagers, and the only people who are willing to wager that high (Remorse, Cremate, Maloz, etc) will easily win half their matches against the bot, or will at least be smart enough not to play you if you manage to beat them. Good luck, though 8^)
    If you wanna pay to learn the puzzle, however, hit me up. I can't play the game without getting banned within 3 hours, so I'm willing to teach whoever wants if they're willing to pay (In cash, of course, as poe is of no use to me).
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    I've tried this before man everyone who claims to be able to code one is scamming, good luck however if you do manage to find one drop me a message.


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    There are lots of people with there own private bots out there but i know of nobody with a swordfight one :'(
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