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    Gen. inquiry Overhaul th

    Is there a difference between having the th overhaul then no boxs check
    what is the over haul mode
    and how does that compare to having no boxes checked
    which one should I have it on if I am trying to raise my stat
    Thanks in advance

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    bump unanswered

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    Overhaul was something like was "tick"able in the earlier version where it was automatic, it basically means that its just getting TONS of coins and shit, instead of going for the chests.
    I am not sure if this has any effect on the manual version, but if u get a chest by all means try to turn it on and see if it avoids it. when its not on it will try to get it as fast as possible

    hope it helped a little, and IM sorry if its not 100% Accurate.

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