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    Aethyr posts "Validity Error" when using VPN on VM

    Request for help.

    I have Virtual Machine with the following specs:

    VM -
    OS - Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
    1 Gig Ram

    My VPN is Private Internet Access

    When I start to open bots with my VPN open, Aethyr will give me the Validity Error. When I turn the VPN off, it will then load.

    I have checked my other bots, and they laod with the VPN on or off.


    I plan to do multi-botting, so having a vpn up is critical.

    Any suggestions to fix this would be treatly Appreciated.

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    Could you try running the bot first, then your VPN ?

    If that doesn't fix your problem, please keep me updated.
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    I've faced the same error, Clint. Posted about it a week ago, nobody helped. Maybe you might get more luck. Best wishes!

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