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Thread: Poseidon help

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    Poseidon help

    i use to play 1 year ago pp with bots and now i am back and still the auto button says if you click auto you have chance to get detected and in market is say undetected do i need to buy it again or is just ok ?

    and carpenty is still down to manual any new updates that could someone tell me what is going with the bots after 1 year been away?
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    The bots are currently undetected, however, using them in "Automatic" always entails a certain risk of getting detected - therefore the warning.
    We do advise using them in "Manual" - not only do both options score equally, it's impossible to detect you using Manual.
    It also ensures babysitting your bot because you are actually puzzling on your own - while getting a better understanding of the puzzle - and can react to certain occurences ( if the bot happens to freeze; people talking to you e.t.c).

    Carpentry is only Manual for safety reasons.
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