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    Flaming Balls Gunning Code Fix???

    Hi everyone. I've been using the Flaming Balls Gunning Bot and have noticed some things that could possibly enhance the use of this bot. First off i would like to mention that this bot is a very nice bot and works extremely well. Although i have noticed that when the next piece following a piece going into the cannon does not fill but waits for the one after. For instance the bot fills paper and a cannon ball is right smack behind it, the bot fills the paper, throws away the cannon ball and waits for the next cannon ball. Can this be corrected in the coding of the bot??? It would most certainly increase gunning stats with time saved to fill the cannon.

    Please if anyone out there has seen this and has other comments for other issues in the coding for this bot please post your thoughts

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    Another minor thought to the coding: Would it be possible to add in a control Start and Stop button like the other bots have??? (Cntrl + S) & (Cntrl + R)

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    Yes Absolutely, this bot could be made to fill all cannons perfectly, and make no mistakes, and fix loop errors, the reason it isnt, is that making it better makes it more and more detectable, at the moment, it works well on some boards and others, it does absolutely crap.

    This Randomness creates the more human aspect of it, humans arent perfect, and making a perfect bot will just get you banned (i should know, im onto account 2(failed gunning bot that i made))

    It will get you ultimate, it will even get you number 1, but at the cost of a ban, the coders who make these bots, make the bot almost perfect originally, then their work moves on to making it not perfect, more humanlike, hence the bots arent perfect, and infact if you can understand the puzzle better than the bots, you can get better scores manually.

    Also making the bot too automated would lead to more bans, and the more chances that you get detected, means that they know how the bot behaves, and then they ban others using that particular bot.

    There is a few things that could be improved, like you stated, usability, but the bot itself is different (in good and bad ways)for the reasons stated above.

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    I agree with you that yes make it a more reliable bot can in fact result in someone getting banned. The facts are the longer you use the bot the more susceptible you are to getting banned. I recommend using bot interchangeably so that OOO admin OM cannot detect a user using bots.

    In the past i have run bots for extensive amount of time resulting in a banned account no doubt. Today thought if you use a bot carefully and respectfully around other users for short periods of time and switch to manual modes you are far less likely to be banned.

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