Hellooo selling my account emerald stats are in order :

Weighty/resp : sail
Weighty/gm: rigg
weighty/ dist, prof: carp
Solid/ respected: patching
Illustrious/ Ultimate: bilge
Weighty/ respected: gunning
Solid/ GM: TH
Solid/able : Dnav
Broad/master: Bnav
Illustrious/master,resp: SF
Apprentice/legendary rumble
Apprentice/legendary: drinking
Novice/able: spades
Narrow/able: hearts
Narrow/proficient: td
Expert/ proficient: poker
Broad/able: distilling
Neophyte/able: alchemistry
Broad/proficient: shipwright
Broad/proficient: blacksmith
Solid/proficient: Forage
Broad/respected: weaving

Hit me up with an offer, i do not have any fams or pets

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never mind this thread, changed my mind, you can lock or delete it :/