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Thread: Emerald (Elite)

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    Arrow Emerald (Elite)

    Contemplating to sell an elite account on emerald. Looking for offers.

    1 Jolly Roger
    Ult Carp/Bilge/Patch Trophies
    #1 Patcher (including 3 patch comp portraits, 2 #1 and 1 #3)
    Ren sf/rumble/bnav/guns

    Currently holding a tan fam and a toucan.
    Owns an IM shoppe.

    Still subscribed for same account on Cerulean, till next year sept if I'm not wrong. Also holding ~20 normal and LE vessels of all sizes and LE pets.

    Pirate on Cerulean also has #1 Patcher.

    Relatively well-known.

    PM me with your offers.

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    interested and price?

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    Interested aswell, add me on skype (maxkeeling) no space. -offering $45, willing to negotiate

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