I did not know where to place this, so feel free to move it, if placed wrong!

Hello guys and girls.
I've recently bought a few account, because I've been too lazy to start from scratch.
Two out of three accounts were banned very fast, but my last one have lasted for a while now, and I will now tell you what I've done:

After purcharsing the account, I formatted my PC, and restarted my router.
I then downloaded Puzzle-Pirates and logged in.
I have not yet changed the password, as I think this is a thing that quickly triggers the ban, neither have I changed/touched any other account details yet.
I have played safely, not getting too "known" yet, all I do is pillaging/smh and playing some silent carousing games, without yelling up, and expose myself.

What I think triggers the bans is:

* Changing E-mail/password right after the purchase.

* Talking alot, with alot of people, and shout up about alot of things, in the first few weeks. (People might recognize the account, and they might have been friends before you purchased it.)

* Playing on a PC, where another account has been logged in (I believe it's better to format your PC, than to just untaint.)

* Playing on an IP, where another account has been logged in.

* Logging on directly after the purchase and leave crew / remove hearties etc..

The seller should after the sale:
* Untaint his PC.

* Avoid selling another account for at least seven days.

* Don't take any contact to the account at all.

This is just some things, I believe is right. It might not be true, and you might still be banned, even though you follow these ideas.

If you have other useful information about purchasing an account securely, please post a repyl!