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    Selling Cerulean Pirate 9 YEARS! Sublime sails!

    Tital says it all. Has the following stats-


    Sublime Sails
    Expert Carp
    Illustrious Bilge
    Weighty Guns
    Weighty Dnav
    Broad Bnav
    Solid/Gm Sf!

    Tons of sloops and a cutter one sloop being LE Shark Class.

    Also comes with flag/fame/ and estate and a whopping 9 years! No bots have been used on account 100% Safe add me on skype only going first for TRUSTED USERS (willing to go first usually if you have lots of post.)

    Tradeing for emerald poe OR paypal. Offers only add me on skype yo.gabagaba2 (Must verify you befor transaction via pm)

    - - - Updated - - -

    also has blank 9 years on meridian and ice (ice has 11 sloops)

    (subbed aswell)
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