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    Meridian Account

    Stats will be updated as completed.

    Sailing Novice- Able
    Rigging Solid- Ultimate
    Carpentry Apprentice- proficient
    Patching Solid- Grand Master
    Bilging Solid- Grand Master / Leg
    Gunning Neophyte Legendary
    Treasure Haul Novice- Able
    Dnav Novice- Able
    Bnav Novice- Able
    Swordfight Novice- Proficient
    Rumble Novice- Able

    Hearts_______________________________ Novice/Able
    Treasure Drop_________________________

    Distilling Novice- Able
    Alchemistry Novice- Able
    Shipwrightery Weighty- Legendary/ Grandmaster
    Blacksmithing Solid- Ultimate
    Forage Novice- Able
    Weaving Novice- Able

    Taking Offers, Will continue to update as stats are raised. (Can do certain stats for buyers)

    Add me on Skype: Botsupply guy

    Thank you!
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