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    Question attempt of scamming

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    Hi Gabriel Brizon, I'd like to add you as a contact.
    [04/06/2014 23:19:39] *** Gabriel Brizon dividiu informações de contato com Laith ***
    [04/06/2014 23:25:15] Gabriel Brizon: yes
    [04/06/2014 23:45:04] Laith: can i see pictures of them
    [04/06/2014 23:46:07] Gabriel Brizon:
    [04/06/2014 23:46:36] Laith: thats only 1 account tho
    [04/06/2014 23:46:42] Laith: i want to see all 6 so i know which one to buy
    [04/06/2014 23:47:22] Gabriel Brizon: other is
    [04/06/2014 23:47:23] Gabriel Brizon: all
    [04/06/2014 23:47:32] Gabriel Brizon: 1# in rumble, sf, td, drink
    [04/06/2014 23:47:34] Gabriel Brizon: and
    [04/06/2014 23:47:36] Gabriel Brizon: have 1
    [04/06/2014 23:48:04] Gabriel Brizon: and there's no arm
    [04/06/2014 23:48:06] Gabriel Brizon: sorry english
    [04/06/2014 23:48:16] Laith: i know you speak in arabic =]
    [04/06/2014 23:48:28] Gabriel Brizon: ye
    [04/06/2014 23:48:40] Laith: talk in arabic to me then
    [04/06/2014 23:48:49] Laith: i understand it =]
    [04/06/2014 23:49:01] Gabriel Brizon: ^^
    [04/06/2014 23:50:18] Laith: do you have teamviewer?
    [04/06/2014 23:51:22] Laith: and what payment do you want? real money or PoE?
    [04/06/2014 23:51:26] Gabriel Brizon: poe
    [04/06/2014 23:51:33] Laith: how much?
    [04/06/2014 23:52:10] Gabriel Brizon: what account?
    [04/06/2014 23:52:22] Laith: any of them i want an elite
    [04/06/2014 23:53:12] Laith: and do you have a middleman?
    [04/06/2014 23:53:58] Gabriel Brizon: i am senior member in bot supply, and i have bot etc..
    [04/06/2014 23:54:27] Gabriel Brizon: And there's no danger I steal, I don't want to lose $ 100 because of poes
    [04/06/2014 23:54:28] Gabriel Brizon: but
    [04/06/2014 23:54:32] Laith: ive been scammed several times which is why my trust isn't that high
    [04/06/2014 23:55:26] Gabriel Brizon: I don't trust middleman
    [04/06/2014 23:55:31] Laith: how much poe do you want for an elite account ?
    [04/06/2014 23:55:38] Gabriel Brizon: 1m
    [04/06/2014 23:55:49] Laith: do you have teamviewer tho/
    [04/06/2014 23:56:13] Gabriel Brizon: yes i have
    [04/06/2014 23:56:15] Gabriel Brizon: If I steal you I am banned from bot supply and waste my bot
    [04/06/2014 23:56:24] Laith: i want to see the account tho
    [04/06/2014 23:56:39] Laith: for all i know that can be a picture taken from google or another person
    [04/06/2014 23:57:12] Gabriel Brizon: you join me?
    [04/06/2014 23:57:16] Gabriel Brizon: you have join me?
    [04/06/2014 23:58:04] Laith: ye
    [04/06/2014 23:58:42] Laith: whats the 2 numbers/
    [04/06/2014 23:58:59] Gabriel Brizon: what
    [04/06/2014 23:59:05] Gabriel Brizon: but i have terms services
    [04/06/2014 23:59:16] Gabriel Brizon: ops
    [04/06/2014 23:59:16] Gabriel Brizon: sorry
    [04/06/2014 23:59:51] Laith: whats terms of service?'
    [04/06/2014 23:59:56] Gabriel Brizon: wait
    [00:01:40] Gabriel Brizon: I am not responsible for bans after trade , check this post carefully and see if you agree with the terms
    [00:02:07] Laith: as long as i know that the account is not banned when i get it
    [00:02:34] Gabriel Brizon: yes
    [00:02:35] Laith: which is why i want to use teamviewer to make sure that it's not currently banned
    [00:02:51] Gabriel Brizon: yes
    [00:02:53] Gabriel Brizon: correct
    [00:03:00] Laith: so can i check it ?
    [00:03:05] Gabriel Brizon: yes sure
    [00:03:06] Gabriel Brizon: 1 sec
    [00:03:24] Gabriel Brizon: [00:03] Diego Boszczowski:

    <<< 747 689 633
    [00:03:34] Laith: you just messed up your scam =]
    [00:03:44] Gabriel Brizon: not scam
    [00:03:45] Gabriel Brizon: >.>
    [00:03:53] Gabriel Brizon: 747 689 633
    [00:04:00] Laith: its a fact that that isn't your team viewer
    [00:04:04] Gabriel Brizon: 8527
    [00:04:11] Gabriel Brizon: look
    [00:04:29] Gabriel Brizon: It's hard I explain why I don't speak English
    [00:05:18] Laith: that isn't you
    [00:05:22] Gabriel Brizon: I had vip in the bot and i have bot purchased
    [00:05:31] Laith: that isn't you....
    [00:06:01] Gabriel Brizon: yes, is my friend
    [00:06:15] Laith: so who am i buying from?
    [00:06:17] Laith: him or you?
    [00:06:18] Gabriel Brizon: I am selling him
    [00:06:28] Laith: then i want to talk to him instead
    [00:06:34] Laith: if he's selling ill buy it
    [00:06:45] Gabriel Brizon: If you think I'm going to rob you only post the conversation in the bot supply
    [00:06:57] Laith: im videoing it so dont worry
    [00:07:06] Laith: all this is going on bot supply for scamming
    [00:07:31] Gabriel Brizon: you want to talk to him?
    [00:07:44] Laith: yes since if he's selling ill buy it from him not you
    [00:07:48] Gabriel Brizon: ok
    [00:07:50] Gabriel Brizon: no proble
    [00:07:53] Gabriel Brizon: problem
    [00:07:54] Gabriel Brizon: add he
    [00:08:03] Gabriel Brizon: Diego Boszczowski
    [00:09:48] Gabriel Brizon: If you purchase the account and all goes well let the vouch for me
    [00:09:52] Gabriel Brizon: ok?
    [00:09:59] Laith: ye
    [00:10:07] Gabriel Brizon: ^^
    [00:10:08] Gabriel Brizon: ok
    [00:13:51] Gabriel Brizon: what your name in bot supply?
    [00:14:04] Laith: iam2sxy1
    [00:14:12] Laith: actually no
    [00:14:14] Laith: laith joseph
    [00:14:16] Gabriel Brizon: you is vip or senior memeber ?
    [00:14:20] Gabriel Brizon: member?
    [00:14:30] Laith: right now im member only but i can become a VIP
    [00:15:05] Gabriel Brizon: We don't have a guarantee that you will pay
    [00:15:08] Gabriel Brizon: but
    [00:15:34] Gabriel Brizon: you have warranty that we will give you the account
    [00:15:37] Laith: see i dont have an account right now i got a poe seller who will sell me 2m
    [00:16:03] Laith: or you can find someone who is selling poe and ill buy it for you
    [00:16:40] Gabriel Brizon: you do not have the poes right now?
    [00:16:50] Laith: no because i dont have an account to put it on
    [00:17:05] Laith: i can pay in real money and then you can buy the 1m if you want
    [00:17:10] Laith:
    [00:17:18] Laith: this person is selling for $30 every mil
    [00:17:55] Gabriel Brizon: just create an account.
    [00:18:01] Gabriel Brizon: ^^
    [00:18:02] Laith: i can't im banned
    [00:18:09] Laith: this is why im buying an account =]
    [00:18:14] Laith: which has mor than 3 jolly rogers
    [00:18:21] Gabriel Brizon: use untaint
    [00:20:53] Laith: how long are yous going to be on?
    [00:21:03] Laith: im trying to talk to gold coin
    [00:22:17] Gabriel Brizon: I am selling for him because he has no account on bot supply, and that's why I'm being responsible for negotiating
    [00:22:32] Gabriel Brizon: I don't how long we keep the account
    [00:31:59] Gabriel Brizon: report for what?
    [00:32:07] Gabriel Brizon: i can report you for scam in bot supply
    [00:32:21] Laith: what did i scam?
    [00:32:25] Gabriel Brizon: yes
    [00:32:32] Laith: you have been trying to scam me xD
    [00:32:40] Gabriel Brizon: report my friend for what?
    [00:32:40] Laith: you said elite account for 1m
    [00:32:45] Laith: then i talk to him and he said 3m
    [00:32:53] Laith: obviously its either different accounts or something else
    [00:33:08] Gabriel Brizon: I gave my price, but the account is not mine, he said his price
    [00:33:21] Gabriel Brizon: you is crazy, patetic
    [00:33:24] Laith: then why would you give me your price?
    [00:33:31] Laith: if its not your accoutn
    [00:33:41] Gabriel Brizon: I gave the price I thought he wanted, and not exact
    [00:33:56] Laith: im posting this on bot supply and the admins can decide
    [00:34:08] Gabriel Brizon: yes ok, me too

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've been on that site and vip no user had problems with me,and I would not be mad to miss my simple bot for $ 30 and another I have done several sales of accounts without any trouble. And still continued selling the bills sorry my english :P
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    This has hurt my eyes. Techically not scamming as no transaction has taken place.From what i've read The Gabriel person is just a middleman for the account owner which is technically middle-manning and allowed.

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    but he was making a trade without the seller knowing. for example if i accepted the offer for 1m and i never got the account what would happen then? the seller would b unhappy and would request for more and if i cancel the transaction who knows who would have happened to the price i paid could have been stolen or could have been returned. which is why i called it a scam attempt as the seller and the person attempting to sell the account wern't both sure on the sales agreement

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    exact , I gave the price I thought he wanted, and that he would get the poe, not me, I'm only negotiating ( I'm just middleman) :P

    you have to be careful on who posts here, because it can harm me in my future negotiations

    I'm not a child and much less thief
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    im closing this thread anyways but just for next time remember that you state that you're the middleman and make sure you have the proper pricing and such before a transaction starts to occur

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    I was going to do it after making sure you'd buy closed

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