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    Selling Emerald Pirate

    Hey guys,

    Decided to quit the game.
    Got a pirate on Emerald with some good stats, doesn't have much puzzle experience as I wasn't an active puzzler.
    He's in a decent crew/flag and has some valuable hearties.
    Will be jobbed on any SMH and CI, will also get invites from hearties for that.

    Has no very valuable items on it, no poe, no dubs.
    Does have a nice outfit, imo :P

    His name is simple but is loved by lots of people. (You'll get it when you see it)

    Any questions and or offers can be sent to my Skype: DucktapeEmperor
    Always ask me to send you a message on BS to make sure it's me.

    Paypal offers only, not expecting much but every penny counts eh? ;D

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