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    Selling Emerald Account ASAP

    Looking to sell my Emerald account im new here looking for a admin to possibly buy to verify that im not a scammer.
    It has never been on a tainted computer. Stats arn't the best but they are decent.
    Im looking for 15 USD firm you pay fees and what not.
    Willing to use MM if hes BS verified and if you pay MM fees.
    It has no items really worth anything.
    Has tailor stall on admiral and is SO in a crew also has all the badges you need Parlour bravery captains badge labour badge and started badge.
    I have bought dubs on the account so it wont ever get deleted
    If intrested please contact me via skypem me

    - - - Updated - - -

    Forgot to mention the trophies but skype me for pics or screen share and ill show everything
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    account is sold

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