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    How to sell a Puzzle Pirates account (basic rules)

    All selling threads of any Puzzle Pirate account must be accompanied with:

    • A screenshot of the stats
    • A screenshot of items*
    • How much you are looking to sell it for
    • How you can be contacted
    • Whether or not the account has an e-mail on it
    • Whether you have been banned before or not, and if the account has been played on a tainted computer

    *Only needed if you are including items in the trade

    All threads without screenies will be removed and a warning will be issued.

    The terms "Bot-Supply" and your Bot-Supply username should be in the chatbox (Do not hit enter!) For example: Hello Bot-Supply! Sobo here! Remember to block out any information that could lead to the account being banned**

    **Information that should be blocked out would be:

    • Pirate name on client, in game, and in the "Ye" tab
    • Any crew/flag information in the "Ye" tab and on your stat page
    • Any trophies/stats that could lead back to your account (#1's, any rare trophies)

    Selling PP accounts is very risky and should always be done between trusted users. Remember to listen to your "gut feeling" if it doesn't seem right, back out of the trade, or find an MM on.

    When selling any account on aim to have the following on the thread. Use the below as a checklist:

    • What types of payments you accept
    • Screenshots of the stats, and items
    • What amount you are looking for
    • Whether you will be going first or whether you will use a MM

    ~ Try to always use a middleman, it makes the trade safer

    ~ If you have any questions, just ask a Moderator+.

    When trading on Skype always use the following as a checklist:

    • Always request a PM on the forums to confirm who the person you are talking to is.
    • Always double check the e-mail of the person against the e-mail on the thread
    • If they don't want to confirm via PM, do NOT trade with them.
    • If they are attempting to rush you back out of the trade, or find a verified MM.
    • If they are refusing to use an MM DO NOT TRADE with them.
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