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    Meridian Account, 10 Familiars, 12 million poe, Blockade Fleet

    I have my account for sale on meridian. I wont be posting a screenshot of my stats because I'm fairly well known in community.

    No Jolly, but 1 year should be coming up soon. Decent stats, 1 ult trophy. Doubloon buyer history

    I have 10 Familiars, 1 Coloured, 1 LE, the rest tan (some of them fairly rare)

    12.3 million poe, plus probably a lot more floating around on ships/shoppes and alts

    A Blockade Fleet, currently around 40 brigs and 5 frigs, 20 renamed sloops (both custom and standard), some LE sloops, 10 junks, 3 fanchuans, 1 GF, 1 MG - some with stock. Also around 40 brigs on emerald, with some stock.

    Heaps of outfits, furniture and random stuff.

    Im looking for offers over $1000

    PM me to add me on skype

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    for an account this valuable you may want to get it verified by staff.

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    I can do that, whoever verify's accounts PM me please

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    If you're still selling, let me know.

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