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    Ultimate Piracy Account (Meridian)

    I'm selling an account with the "Ultimate Pirate" trophy on Meridian. The account is around 1-2 months old and has been statted up by myself personally, on a clean IP with a clean computer. It has:

    • 13 Ultimates (11 Piracy, 2 Crafting - Foraging & Shipwrightery)
    • 4 #1's in Duty Puzzles
    • Broad+ experience in every stat but one
    • A few legendaries and GM's in Crafting puzzles
    • At the current time, most of the stats (all but 2) are still ranked at full Ultimate
    • 2 competition portraits

    The account does not come with any items or PoE.
    I am looking for around $80+, price subject to change depending on the offers I receive
    I do not accept PoE.

    Here's an image:
    Apologies for the blocked out stats, but I'm sure you can guess what rank they are.

    Add me on Skype if you are interested or have any questions (kittenchase-botsupply).
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    Bump. Added Ult shipwrightery.

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