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    5 year old pirate, good stats.


    Uh.. I have decided to sell my beloved old pirate. The pirate is from Emerald ocean, gonna get a five year old badge on February. Stats are quite good.

    Sailing - Illustrious/Legendary
    Rigging - Solid/Proficient
    Carpentry - Solid/Distinguished
    Patching - Solid/Respected
    Bilging - Illustrious/Ultimate
    Gunning - Weighty/Master
    Treasure Haul - Solid/Grand-Master
    Navigating - Weighty/Distinguished
    Battle Navigating - Solid/Grand-Master
    Sword Fighting - Narrow/Master
    Rumble - Narrow/Distinguished

    Drinking - Narrow/Distinguished
    Spades - Novice/Proficient
    Hearts - Neophyte/Able
    Treasure Drop - Neophyte/Master
    Poker - Weighty/Distinguished

    Distilling - Neophyte/Proficient
    Alchemistry - Novice/Able
    Shipwrightery - Broad/Proficient
    Foraging - Solid/Grand-Master
    Weaving - Novice/Proficient

    Pirate has tons of trophies, even those who are not obtainable anymore. Such as Puzzle Pirates adventures which was disabled a long time ago, doubloon buying trophies, etc.

    Post your offers in here, either email me -

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    I'll offer 18$

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    What ships, fams, shoppes, or other items of value are on the account?

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    Ill take it as it is for $50

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