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    SELLING Very Elite Account

    ss-1..jpgClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	1337Looking to have this verified since I'm a new member.

    What's on this account?
    1. Very elite Emerald Pirate (5 yr. Jolly Roger, Ult Pirate, all Solid (except broad on 2 skills), #1 Patcher and Poker, and over 300 trophies)
    2. Semi-elite Meridian pirate (Mostly solid/GM+ piracy stats, 4 year Jolly Roger, Ult Patcher and gunner
    3. Various pirates on every ocean with at least one 5 Jolly Roger on each (excluding Opal that I have a 4 year).

    What are you looking to do with it?
    Sell it. You can Skype me at InfomertialYPP for offers or questions. I am not considering offers under $150. I am not considering any PoE/Accounts as payment, money only, via paypal.

    With an account this elite I am going to go through all the channels necessary to create an equal and fair trade for both parties.

    I will not be posting any other stats/photos online.

    The account comes as-is. Other in-game amenities I have will be either added into your purchase or removed from my inventory. I will not be including any PoE in the sale.

    I reserve the right to reject any offer for any reason or change any of the above. If at any point I do not feel safe I will remove the offer completely.

    Any questions should be directed to my Skype account. I will add any information here if it arises.

    *This account was previously ban tainted, taint has since been removed.
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    Verified the user owns the account he's trying to sell!

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    I know this player in game and real life, very respectable, and overall has a great reputation/relationship with most other pirates. Definitely considered very elite pirate!

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