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    Selling Poker Alt / New Accounts / RS Account

    Hey there, I am selling a poker alt on Meridian which has a parlor badge 21 days from this date. It has narrow/dist in bilge, prof in SF and narrow/prof/ultimate trophy in poker. The account is completely clean and safe so you can use this to start fresh and so. I'm looking for 50K on this but I'm open to offers.

    Also I'm selling a decent Runescape account with level 40- 50 combat level and decent stats and again this account is clean and safe and 9 years old, yes, 9 years old. I'm looking for 150K on this but I'm Open for Offers.

    Also I'm selling new fresh accounts which are created each time on a new computer and are completely safe. I'm looking for 15K each or offers.

    Thank Ye And Only Accepting POE Which Is Received On Meridian.
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    runescape username?

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    Cannot say but has every decent stats and so definitely worth the 150K or good offers and so Ill post the stats tomorrow hopefully.
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    Bump - The RS Accounts Stats Are -

    46 Attack 41 Constitution 38 Mining
    43 Strength 5/23 Agility 40 Smithing
    47 Defence 5/6 Herbalore 44 Fishing
    31 Range 5/23 Thieving 50 Cooking
    32 Prayer 14 Crafting 28 Firemaking
    49 Magic 5/15 Fletching 33 Woodcutting
    25 Runecrafting 1 Slayer 5/7 Farming
    1 Construction 1 Hunter 5 Summoning
    12 Dungeoneering 1 Divination

    Account is 9 years old and is completely safe and so offer me with POE or items in YPP but has to be on the Ocean Meridian. Im looking for 150K or a YPP account on Meridian which has narrow/broad and at least proficient in all piracy stats and I don't care if the account has no items whatsoever and I will also give the poker alt if I have not sold it at the time if you offer me a YPP account. The reason I want a YPP account like this is that its hard for me to get the stats up as I am not good with puzzling and so I want to become SO in my crew but my stats apparently need to be higher but I am very much trusted on Meridian.

    Poker Alt is 50k or offers.

    New Untainted Accounts which are completely safe and clean are 10k

    I will not go first unless you are a trusted user.
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