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    The olde Account Shoppe

    Hello everyone! I am selling poker, and sf alts. Rates are listed down below. I use Tmac, and HMA so, the accounts are protected.

    Poker accounts available 50
    Poker accounts come with only narrow poker, fee is 5 dollars

    SFing accounts available 50
    SFing accounts come in two different rates
    Narrow Able 3 dollars. accounts available 25-Green name
    Narrow renoned 5 dollars. Accounts available 25- Green name

    Narrow able 5 dollars for Yellow name
    Narrow Renoned 7 dollars for Yellow name.

    Contact me on Skype to discuss.

    I don't mind giving accounts first, but in order to fulfill this, you MUST have Either 100 posts, or 15 vouches.

    Have a nice day.

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    Someones been busy :P i'll probably buy a few accounts later down the road

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    Not trying to be a dick or anything but generally SF alts should have Solid exp as that is when you can wager without restrictions :x

    (unless in a tourney obv)

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