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    Selling Basic Accounts[POKER ALTS, SF ALTS, CIT ALTS AND MORE!]

    Hey there,

    Add me on skype deadc0de99, I have NO Premade accounts made, if I do have any in the future, I will post information about them here.

    You will have to book your account in advance, to do that, add me on Skype. Depending on what you want, I will take that much time accordingly.

    Reason it takes more time if you do not purchase a badge, is because I would get the stat done on the day its free.

    PS: The times allotted for each account are set to their maximum, ie. looking at the worst case scenarios, like I wont really take 2 days for Sf or Poker alt, Hardly Maybe 5-6 Hours?, Like I said, this is looking at the worst case scenario's. If I take more time than that, I will complete the account, and provide a 25-75% refund, depending on the serverity of the situation.

    SF Alt[SOLID SF], 8$ with Parlour Badge OR 200k, Comes with a new Falch. Will get Solid/Grandmaster+ for 250k.(Or 10$) ~ 2 Days.

    Poker Alt[NARROW POKER], 4$ with Parlour Badge OR 100k PoE(Emerald), Will add Ultimate for 200k OR 8$.[Including the Narrow and badge.] ~ 2 Days.

    Poker+Sf Alt, 12$ OR 300k for Narrow Poker and Solid SF, Comes with Parlour Badge.
    [RECOMMENDED] Ultimate/(Narrow+) Poker[WORTH : 8$ or 200k] & (Grandmaster+)/Solid Swordfighting[WORTH 250k OR 10$] For : 400k! OR 16$! ~3 Days

    Cit Run Alt, This completely depends on what YOU want, I offer :

    Grandmaster Rigs, Legendary/Ult Bilge, GM/Leg SF, Master-GM Carp, Ultimate Poker(If you'd like)? ~7 days/1 week.
    For this I recommend you add me on my skype, that is deadc0de99, and negotiate some great deals.


    All stats will be done on an Untainted computer, and using a VPN.
    Some of the stats may be botted, but only with some of the Supply Crates quality bots.
    No other 3rd party software will be used.

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