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    2 elite and one alt account on emerald

    they all come together 2 sos and one o 2 of them in a crew that is in top 4 and the other in a crew that is in top 10 there all well knows especially the 2 sos and one manages 2 shipwrighty shoppes i have been verified i just had to create a new thread because the accounts have changed from one account to 3 accounts if your interested my skype is sedar.d im only excepting realy money so post with offers untitled-2-.jpguntitled-4.jpguntitled.png454.jpg

    also they have over a mill worth of stuff
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    Yeah, look mate, one thread is enough, I'm locking this one, please use your old thread and bump it in future, anymore posting the same account in another thread will result in an infraction.

    Link to old one here:


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