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    elite emerald account

    Has 0 hearties so no worries about random chats xD 0 bots used and straight off a clean computer

    Comes with: a black/black new male fancy outfit, some trinkets, a sloop, a falch, Officer badge, bravery badge, labor badge, and parlor badge, Owns a stall. AND AN EYEPATCH

    Stats as follows:

    SAILS: Weighty/Renowned
    RIGS: Broad/Grand-Master
    CARP: Expert/Legendary (Ult trophy)
    PATCH: Solid/Ultimate
    BILGE: Solid/Ultimate
    GUNS: Solid/Legendary
    DNAV: Broad/Master
    SF: Weighty/Legendary (Ult trophy)
    RUMBLE: Legendary
    POKER: Weighty (Ult trophy)
    FORAGE: Solid/Grand-Master
    WEAVE: Renowned
    SHIPWRIGHT: Solid/Master

    Has every seals trophy except rigs. Has pillars of carp. Jade monkey, a few other cool trophies like fren forage, silver trik... etc

    Looking for offers!

    PM me on here or BP, comment or add me on skype: ~banned~
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    Don't forget it got eye patch injury as well :P!, also really nice outfit. I can recommend this account to anyone who wants an nice / experienced account.

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    i`m interest for this acc sent me contact

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