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Thread: Dan's custom account shop

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    Dan's custom account shop

    As most of my threads say... I like money.

    I can provide accounts with any Piracy ultimates and, any other by special request. I can also do experience for a further fee.

    The base prices are:

    Sailing: Broad/Ultimate - $10
    Rigging: Broad/Ultimate - $10
    Carpentry: Broad/Ultimate - $10
    Patching: Broad/Ultimate - $10
    Bilge: Broad/Ultimate - $15
    Guns: Broad/Ultimate - $10
    Treasure Haul: Neophyte/Ultimate - $6
    Duty Navigation: Broad/Ultimate - $18
    Battle Navigation: Broad/Ultimate - $95
    Swordfight: Apprentice/Ultimate - $10
    Rumble: Apprentice/Ultimate - $10

    All of these stats are performed without the use of bots and on clean computers which have never been tainted.

    The accounts will all come with an Officer badge (free of charge if you purchase at least two stats).

    I can also offer an experience service, for example, if you want Paragon sails and Weighty carpentry, this can be arranged.

    I can also do Parlour and Crafting puzzles at special request.

    If interested please contact me via Skype (daniel-bunting) or post in this thread.
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    I'm back... Bump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    I'm back... Bump.
    yeee you selling poe again too?

    btw vouch for this guy ive done business with him in the

    edit: i see you are sellling poe again

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