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Thread: Ban Evasion

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    Ban Evasion

    Hi mates ..
    is there anyone can tell me how to avoid ban evasion ? .. i am too tired with it ,i had it since 2009 , and i would like to note that i bought a new computer but i loged on by it with accout was created in the old PC .. so the new one has a problem too
    i hope that i find listener earsa quick response
    thank you

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    Why buy a new computer and then use the old account on it? What is that going to solve? Nothing. They will see you created the account on the old PC and insta-ban you. You need to do the following:

    - Reformat your PC (Reinstall it from the Windows disk, Linux, whatever you use)
    - Do not install PP just yet.
    - Untaint using the Supply Crate untainter or use T-MAC to change the MAC address of your main NIC card (ethernet or wireless - if unsure just change all of them).
    - Change your IP (Normally you can unplug your router for a few hours, or overnight and it might change). Or change the MAC address of your router. Something like that. For me, it changes every now and then. You can also use a premium VPN (http// for even more security.
    - Re-install PP.

    You are done.

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