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    Meridian/Emerald Basic, low/mid-stat account

    I'm looking for a relatively low/mid-stat account - I'd like it if the majority of sailing skills were around narrow/broad. I can pay more if the account holds ship deeds/has moolah already. I'm NOT looking for an elite/ultimate account, only looking to buy an inexpensive slightly-skilled account. I can pay via PayPal or via PoE, whichever. Add me on Skype if you've got an account - I'm looking to pay around the $5 range, so please don't go asking for $20 or something like that. Meridian or Emerald, doesn't matter which.


    Skype: Gatherix

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    Emerald account. GM guns, Leg Bilge, Ren SF? Skype: Phist123

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