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    Selling SMH alts on all oceans

    Yeah im making SMH alts that you can order on all oceans.

    Prices will be like in my stat servicing except YOU GET A 33,3% DISCOUNT ON IT

    basicly go to my stat servicing.Pick some stats, add up the prices and DIVIDE BY 3 AND MULTIPLY BY 2

    I can also get your sails and rigs up to master/ren if you want that.

    Citadel run accounts

    STATS: ultimate SF,ultimate carpentry and bilge,gm-leg patching and master rigs and sails.
    TROPHIES: pick the citadel trophy you want,bronze or silver.Fencer,adepts of strikes etc
    10-25 bucks depending on the trophies and stats you pick/200-500k PoE

    Gm-leg SF,ren-gm carp,ren-leg bilge,ren-leg patching,master rigs and sails
    Fencer,bronze citadel
    5-10 bucks/ 100-200k PoE

    gm sf,ren carp,bilge,patching and resp-master sails and rigs
    fencer bronze citadel

    2-5 bucks

    CI alts :

    Frenetic,seals or pillars(to the puzzle of your choice),cursed forager etc
    Ult rumble and SF and gm foraging and 1 puzzle of your choice master-ult (carpentry,bilge or patching,possibly sailing)
    around 20 bucks/400k PoE

    Frenetic,seals/oaken token(puzzle of choice),cursed forager etc
    gm-leg SF and gm-leg rumble and master/renowned foraging and 1 puzzle of your choice(master-gm,carpentry,bilge,patching,sailing and rigs)
    Around 10 bucks/200k PoE

    If you have any other special orders just tell me(like golden ghost war frig trophy for some reason)

    Also you can order trophies, frenetic foraging.Cursed forager,golden ghost sloop or silver citadel idk

    Pick the name if you havent made your alt allready.Leave your skype in this thread and then add me.

    My stat services-

    My vouches-
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