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    [Selling] Emerald Account

    Hey guys im selling an Emerald account decent stats so im not looking for much just leave what you would want to pay for it in the comments and if i like what i see i will send you a message
    ~Payments will be made tru paypal only~
    Used bots to touch up most of the stats were already good
    Never been banned or tainted and has no reason to be
    About 1 month old
    Badges -
    Officer Badge- 22 days left
    Parlor Badge- 22 days left
    Labor Badge- 22 days left
    Bravery Badge- 23 days left
    Alot of good cloths besides what im wearing ( Have an atlantean swashbucklers jacket) ~new condition~
    Cottage on aim with a new poker table and other furniture
    Blacksmith stall stocked and ready to go on aim
    Edit 1 :Update ~~~Bilge is now Solid/Legendary~~~
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    Any other info you'd like to share?.. like what bots have you used on it (if any). Any chance of it being banned? Estimate age of the account?
    I'm looking for an account like this on Emmy so I just wanna get a better over-view of it .


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    Please edit main post or the previous post, don't double post. Next time it will result in an infraction.

    Merged it into the OP.

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