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    Very Elite Meridian Account With injuries

    Elite Meridian Account
    Comes with:
    Special edition/blue hair and a familiar portrait
    comes with FULLY FANCY Furnitured Villa + limited edition furni already placed there

    Piracy Skills:

    Everything is Ultimate ( Except for b-nav is Legendary) when you get it to ult you will have the ulti pirate trophy

    2 Illustrious Exp.
    Lowest Exp is Solid
    Poker=Paragon for the poker player

    *** Pirate has Eye Patch and Hook Injuries
    *** Pirate has 5 NUMBER1 Trophies in piracy ( SF/Rumble/Carp/bilge/Gunz)

    Not less than $120
    msg me or add me on skype= Ultimatey

    Offer will be there for 1 week ONLY

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    does it include any poe or ships?

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