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    Wager Ready Pirates | SF/TD/Poker Experience

    Looking for a ready to go wagering alt? I've got you covered...

    If you'd like to purchase a wager ready account, please add me on Discord first. I will still ask you to verify by PM before we actually trade but this allows me to get to you sooner and with less friction then relying on me to check my PMs all the time.

    Swordfighting Pricing:
    Solid - $10 or 500K PoE
    Weighty - $25 or 1.25M PoE
    Expert - $50 or 2.5M PoE

    Treasure Drop Pricing:
    Broad - $10 or 500K PoE
    Solid - $25 or 1.25M PoE
    Weighty - $50 or 2.5M PoE

    Poker Pricing:
    Narrow - $5 or 250K PoE
    Broad - $10 or 500K PoE
    Solid - $20 or 1M PoE
    Weighty - $40 or 2M PoE

    Please Note:
    • Feel free to make bulk orders; however, I do not provide any bulk pricing whatsoever.
    • Feel free to mix and match from the categories above but prices will be cumulative. No discounts for buying all three.
    • Discounts will only ever be provided to those to set up a recurring purchase. X alts per week.
    • I reserve the right to change my prices at any time.
    • If you'd like an experience level not featured on the list above, reach out and I can quote you an appropriate price.
    • I am only offering the experience, not stats. Average SF Stats upon delivery will be Ren-Ult. Average TD Stats upon delivery will be GM - Ultimate.
    • I get that you can do this yourself. This is for people that don't want to.

    Want to do it yourself? Check out requirements for each level provided by Lob

    Spoiler: Experience Guide for SF and TD

    Novice - Neophyte: 4 fights
    Neophyte - Apprentice: 7 fights
    Apprentice - Narrow: 10 fights
    Narrow - Broad: 30 fights
    Broad - Solid: 50 fights
    Solid - Weighty: 400 fights
    Weighty - Expert: 500 fights
    Expert - Paragon: 1,000 fights
    Paragon - Illustrious: 1,000 Fights
    Illustrious -Sublime: 3,000 Fights
    Sublime- Revered: 6,000 Fights
    Revered - Exalted: 12,000 Fights
    Exalted - Transcendent: 24,000 Fights
    Data provided by Lob

    Spoiler: Experience Guides for Poker

    Novice - Neophyte: 31 hands
    Neophyte - Apprentice: 70 hands
    Apprentice - Narrow: 100 hands
    Narrow - Broad: 300 hands
    Broad - Solid: 500 hands
    Solid - Weighty: 4,000 hands
    Weighty - Expert: 5,000 hands
    Expert - Paragon: 10,000 hands
    Paragon - Illustrious: 10,000 hands
    Illustrious - Sublime: 30,000 hands
    Sublime - Revered: 60,000 hands
    Revered - Exalted: 120,000 hands
    Exalted - Transcendent: 240,000 hands
    Data provided by Lob

    Payment Method:
    Venmo, Google Pay, CashApp, Bitcoin, and PoE Only. No PayPal. You will go first, no exceptions.

    Add me on Discord @ Raz#3597

    Spoiler: WARNING: Watch out for scammers!
    Always ask me for a PM. I never refuse and WILL always ask you for a PM.

    - Do not sell to non-BS Members and/or Banned BS Members.
    - Do not go first. Doesn't matter who you are with how many vouches.
    - Do not accept any other sort of payment other than those listed above.

    Vouch thread:

    Delivery Notice:
    This service is meant to provide you with a new alt account created on a brand new PC. If you'd like to buy these experience levels for your main accounts or existing alts, I will never ask you for your account details. I will create a cloud-based PC which you will RDP into and log in, once you've logged in I will then RDP into the PC. From that point, you'll have the opportunity to TeamViewer into the cloud-based PC if you're feeling extra paranoid.

    I do not store any stock of ready-made accounts. All accounts will be made to order and you will be provided with a delivery time. Remember, that I will work on my schedule, not yours. Delivery times will range from 1 hour to 48 hours. Should you need an especially high experience level, that will take even longer.

    I look forward to working with you all, if you have any questions then feel free to ask them below.

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    SUNDAY SPECIAL | Narrow Poker Alts @ 100K Each *

    * Only applicable to orders of three or more poker alts.

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