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    Emerald Account for $50

    Never been banned before. Stats are decent and there are trophies for running SMH of all kinds.
    Bilging has been lightly botted (tried out Bot-Supply's poseidon bot or whichever expensive one was free for about 15 minutes... original bilge stat was REN/GM)
    1 Year jolly roger. Some furni and items are still in the account.
    Own a good falchion and have a couple of other useful items.
    There's still 6 days in Parlor badge and 14 days in the SMH badge.
    Currently officer in a crew and have hearties that have never really been interacted with (so you can remove all if you would like)


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    Not too sure if it's a smart idea to put the characters name out in the public like that brotha lol

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    Good point. I have cleared that. Thank you sir

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