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    selling account Emerald

    About a month ago some random player was spamming the global chat with buying/selling poe for $$$ and it got me thinking... I'm playing less and less these days and it would be nice to try and recoup some of the money iv spent over the years. I have an account with approximately 40mil worth of LE ships, trinkets and furniture. The stats are irrelevant, i wanted to sell poe but i just have to much to try and sell.

    just to give you an idea of what i have:
    30 ish sloops - ruffly 25 LE (no doubles)
    50 ish other ships - a range of LE, LE painted and special classes from cutters to GF

    I'm selling the account on a POE based value, i understand its going to take someone a while to sell all this stuff. Looking for around $500, willing to negotiate. contact me in a PM here or discord puzzlePir20#5806 if you are interested.

    Admins: I'm new, iv never done this before, iv read the basic guide to try and get an idea of what to do, i cant post pictures as the ships names can be tracked back to my identity. Can you advise me on the best way to go about selling my account please.

    8/10/19 update:
    given away a ton of stuff to crew and flag and through tournaments. most of the plain ships are now in crew hands for kades. redused value and realistic prise for the account.
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