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    account with CD key

    im looking for a PP account with a redeemed CD key ( box edition ) from ubisoft .. im looking for the sword in the account,,,
    would pay a decent amount of money for it

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    Just a heads up, 1) the sword is complete garbage
    2) It will be complicated finding one, because I remember a long time ago I actually found a box edition at a local Gamestop, bought it, made my account, and "The reward had already been redeemed."
    So as far as I know, once you redeem it once, it's done, and you can only have it on that 1 account. And since 99% of this community is ban evading (if not more), it is unlikely that the 1% has the box edition in hand and is willing to give it up.
    I do wish you luck though, however, you are much better off finding it online elsewhere/at a gamestore.

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    ive never found anyone on gamestop .. when was is that u saw one on gamestop ?

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    I've got one if you're interested. Might be pretty hard for me to give up though, lol.


    The sword is not all that bad, its better than everything else besides falchs and such, and I never once bought a sword in my 8 years of playing. When you know how to use it, it can be as deadly as a cleaver. Either take the sword, or look legit af in a Savvy Hat, with multiple color choices!
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