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    Account price check?

    Was thinking about quitting for a bit, here's the account info:

    6+ months old (greeter) - No JRs
    Sublime/GM Rigs
    Illustrious/GM Bilge
    Weighty/GM Dnav
    Weighty/GM Sails
    All other piracy broad/solid and resp+
    Weighty Poker

    Bunch of trophies, including #1 rigs and #1 poker.

    Has been botted a bunch obviously, but only on a brand new computer from a new apartment, so basically 100% in the clear from ban evasion.

    Could come with PoE as well, but that can be valued separately.

    Edit: This is on Emerald btw

    Edit2: This comes with two poker alts by the way!
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    Pm me your skype

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    Hey, I sent you a PM, but for anyone else reading, I'm really just looking for a ballpark guesstimate. I probably won't be selling until December just because I want to make sure you get the account 100% safe.

    I'll be moving in December, buying a new MBP and starting fresh, so there will be absolutely no connection from me with the account.

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