Account on Emerald for sale include only stats so no poe or items or whatever .Only trinks clothes etc.

Stats are as following can provide screenshot in private:

I will provide overall stats:
Sailing respected
Rigging ultimate
Bilge ultimate
Bnav- Renowned
Dnav GM
Carp Master
Patch GM
Guns GM
SF&Rumble shiz stats

Ren forage ,weaving ,shipwright
The account has poker banner for security matters but can provide an alternate account just for poker with already achieved broad xp.

Bots were used but account is clear can provide as requested. Never tainted never reported never even presumed as botter or such.
The account has a lot of trophies including silver bombing and DE also close to HB.It has 2 ult trophies and 1 of number 1 also pillars frenetic forage and seals.

Looking for poe only. Preferably on cerulean.