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    selling emerald pirate for poe only

    The pirate I wish to sell is created on a never banned computer or ip it has good reputation in crew and with all cit runners. It has as most important trophies those: golden cit, pillars of bilge seal of rig, ultimate bilger, golden triketos, Ff, diamond crab, nice cade trophies and if requested I can make trophies to make u jobbed 100% for KHsilver bomber and FF. To conclude Iit will be 100% jobbed for everything elite except KH. It has 5 broads,3 solids, expert rigs illustrious bilge and a empty villa of which owner is not anymore playing so good for has ultimate sf and bilge and legendary rigs rest of the stats are moderate arround master/ren.lots of trinkets hundreds from smhs also a lot of lantis furniture new condition. Looking for offers skype is lulukileru.

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    A tip; post some photos to get people interested

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    Offer: 15$ for it.

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