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    Account on Emerald/Meridian

    Pirates on Emerald have no stats, 4 pirates total 1 with 7 year jollies.

    Pirates on Meridian have a few more stats

    Broad/Resp sails
    no rigging
    solid/master carp
    narrow/master patch
    expert/ult bilge ( no bots)
    broad/resp guns
    narrow/gm th
    novice navigating
    narrow/master bnav
    neophyte/gm sf
    poker is at solid exp

    crafting puzzle nothing really

    This pirate also has 7 year jollies and only ult trophy is bilge, the other pirate on meridian has 5 year jolly with only inc bilge.

    Not sure how much this is worth, if any at all but a few people posting to buy account so i thought i'd add mine in. E-mail is changed to random one so I can't request it back, looking to go first if trustworthy, will accept paypal/poe

    add me on skype if you want to see

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