Knowing this is not related to pp or rs in any way i thought i would still share the project as it is very simple and small literally a shit fest program xD But someone might like it idk its a bad GUI and Coding so.... Dont judge my capabilities on this as it was made a longgggg time ago.

You can download on github ofc if face or sticky want to verify it i have all the codes and what not which actually ill be adding to the github after this post.

Once you have downloaded the zip and extracted it.

Open the file.

The first exe which is QuickClean i had started but gave up on then revived it with RamUsage. This one is QuickClean.exe

This one is the RamUsagevb.exe which is the newer version persay.

It comes auto green/black but these are the other 2 color schemes you can choose from.

Once you pick your color click save and it will shrink to a smaller form. You can then click monitor.

It also has the option to quick clean your PC. By clicking Clean.

This function cleans your rec bin last after clearing your %temp% cache files and other misc Cache files found around your PC.
I added this function to help people who suffer from downloading all that shit and having a slow laggy pc because of all the cache and misc files from junk that you do not need.

Keep in mind this program does access your computer hardware (cpu, ram) So it does throw up a flag to antivirus also because its a 3rd party program.

Hope you guys enjoy this or its somewhat helpful.