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Thread: Banned

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    I Was banned a few months ago for sharing my account with someone, they made me believe that i was getting something out of it for apparently letting him borrow access to my DiS. As i found out he was a repeat offender. and was trying to scam on my account, small increments like 4$ 100k, ect, i immediatley tried to stop the scams. and i Repayed the poe that he had scammed.

    I know i had shared my account and im personally sorry for that. i know it was and still is a wrong thing that i had done.

    Personally i have a few vouches from selling 400k, once. buying an account from Dougzz for 32 dollars, and i have a vouch for that. and small trades since then. i have boughten all bots,

    I DID make a new account(s) 1, was to Purchase Inferno Blacksmith
    2/3 was to seek help on a bot which didnt work

    What i am proposing is unbanning me i have changed all my info since info sharing i did, and only i have access to my account. it would make it alot easier for me to buy bots in the future because no matter what bot it is i will buy it,

    Recently i have been running alot of cit runs and got into poker a bit, and i keep having excess poe in my account that i have no use for in the game, if i happen to get unbanned with your permission of course for each Buy/Sell i make i have to use a Moderator to either Vouch for my payment or make sure i have the goods before i sell it (Before i post the thread)

    In Result i am truly sorry for what has happened but i have corrected my errors before i had gotten banned i admit i had lied to you guys about what had happened because i thought it was help my case before, rather than tarnish it. but here it is my story and i hope you guys can forgive me, thus keep me aloud to buy new bots without making new accounts

    Thanks for reading,

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    User was unbanned.
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